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” The Messiah’s Mission: Born to Die? “

December 23rd, 2019

" The Messiah's Mission: Born to Die? "

Isaiah 52:13-53:12

December 22, 2019

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas

The Five Stanzas of Isaiah 52:13-53:12
1. Prologue 52:13-15
2. Fact: A life of rejection 53:1-3
3. Meaning: He suffered for our sins 53:4-5
4. Fact: An oppressive death 53:6-9
5. Meaning: God’s will is accomplished in the death
and resurrection of the messiah 53:10-12


1.  The Shocking Truth
     a.  The wisdom of God: “Jesus did not use ordinary human means to draw                men to himself!” – Henri Blocher
     b.  As many are “astonished” at the messiah
             a.  AHD: “To fill with sudden wonder or amazement; confound.”
             b.  Psalm 40.15, 1 Kings 9:8, Jer. 2:11-12
             c.  Ezekiel 26:16; 27:35; 28:19
             d.  Astonished: To be suddenly and utterly appalled – without words.
     c.  Many nations will be “sprinkled” by him
            a.  A purifying and consecrating act
            b.  Isaiah anticipates 1 Peter 1:1-2

2.  A Life of Undeserved Suffering
     a.  The Facts
            a.  Jesus was utterly unappealing
            b.  Jesus was rejected, avoided, despised, and thoroughly disrespected
     b.  The Meaning
            a.  A retrospect: we believed God was dealing with him justly!
            b.  A Clarification: But he endured contempt and violence for our sins –                   not his
     c.  WE deserved what HE received

3.  A Death of Unequaled Accomplishment
     a.  The Facts
           a.  He was killed without protest
           b.  Three key words: slaughtered. Cut off, buried
           c.  He was killed despite his absolute purity
     b.  The Meaning
           a.  This apparent tragedy was God’s plan!
           b.  Christ died in our place for our benefit
           c.  Christ will be raised and rewarded with those whom he suffered and                    died for


This Christmas, worship Christ as the Holy One who gave himself for you.
Like the Christmas shepherds, spread the knowledge of him that “many” will be accounted righteous!
Have you believed this message? Has the “arm of the LORD” been revealed to you?