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Sermons from Church in the Canyon, a PCA church in Calabasas, CA

CITC Remote Service 3.29.20

March 29th, 2020

Sermon: Overcoming Fear

Text: Joshua 1:1-9

Redeem the Time - Ephesians 5:15-21

March 22nd, 2020

Our first remote service during the COVID-19 Safer at Home quarantine.


Pastor Bob delivers a sermon from Ephesians 5:15-21.

” Recognizing a Toxic Advisor “

March 15th, 2020

" Recognizing a Toxic Advisor "

Job 18:1-21

March 15, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas


Of all of Job’s friends, Bildad may be the most caustic in
his speech towards Job – and is perhaps more difficult to
appreciate than either Eliphaz or Zophar. Bildad’s speech
in Job 18 is very simple – a short introduction followed by
a single unit of text in which he doubles down on his
argument that Job is suffering, therefore Job has sinned. In
this response to Job, Bildad shows us a picture of toxic

1.  Their Attitude
       a.  They don’t want to listen
       b.  They take your disagreement personally
       c.  Their condescension

2.  Their Perspective
       a.  Focus is on self and their role in your life
       b.  Focus is on the visible/external

3.  Their Truth
       a.  Partly right!
       b.  Limited with respect to God’s character
       c.  Limited with respect to Your life


  • Do you recognize toxic advice when you offer it?  When you receive it? 
  • Do you respond in grace and with grace?
  • Let gospel themes dominate the advice you give and the counsel you receive.

” Broken but not Beaten! “

March 8th, 2020

" Broken but not Beaten! "

Job 17:1-16

March 8, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas


Because Job knows that his witness, advocate, intercessor,
and friend is in heaven, he will be faithful in suffering,
“hold to his way,” despite…

1.  Brokenness
        a.  His spirit is broken    1-2
        b.  His body is broken    7-8
        c.  His plans are broken   11
2.  Unanswered Prayer
        a.  For a sign of vindication 3
        b.  For the humbling of his critics 4
3.  Universal Rejection
        a.  “The Peoples” 6
        b.  “The Upright 8
4.  Continued Opposition
        a.  From persistent, foolish men 10
        b.  Who are wrong (Isaiah 5:20) 12
                i.  About Job’s suffering E,B,Z
               ii.  About Job’s options 11:13-20
              iii.  About Job’s hope 16:19; 19:25


Do you “hold to the way” when times are difficult –
confident that God is faithful despite what you are
feeling or experiencing during difficult times?

Do you have a hope beyond this life, beyond the
fiction of a quiet grave with an eternal sleep?

Do you know the Christ who has fulfilled Job’s
every desire?

” A Friend Who Will Not Fail “

March 4th, 2020

" A Friend Who Will Not Fail "

Job 16:1-22

March 1, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas


1.  Though friends should all fail us… 1-6
       a. Miserable comforters
       b. They are angered by Job’s words
       c. Job would have done better!
       d. Job’s lose/lose situation

2.  …And foes all unite… 7-17
       a. God himself 7-9
       b. Ungodly men 10-11
       c. God himself 12-14
       d. Despite Job’s innocence 15-17; Ps. 24.4

3.  …Yet one thing secures us… 18-22
       a. Job’s cry will be heard!
       b. There is One who is…
              i. Witness Gen. 31:50
             ii. Advocate Gen. 31:47
            iii. Intercessor Gen. 42:23; Job 33:23
            iv. Arbitrator Job 9:33
       c. …a true friend

Do you have a sense of urgency when you contemplate your spiritual existence? Your guilt or innocence before God?
Do you have a friend who will never fail you?

” The Trouble with Oversimplification “

February 23rd, 2020

" The Trouble with Oversimplification "

Job 15:1-35

February 23, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas

1.  Codebreaking and Human Nature
        a.  “What must I do…?”
        b.  The big “I”
        c.  A personal, practical plan offers you control

2.  The Practical Edomite Theology
        a.  “Retributive Theology” – quid pro quo
        b.  We all sin – God punishes sin – punishment brings suffering – therefore those who suffer are being punished for some sin they have committed
        c.  PROBLEMS: there is no accounting for any other cause or use for suffering in the believer’s life!

3.  The Edomite Temptation
        a.  Pride – doubling down on your tradition
        b.  Cruelty – You will force others into your preconceived molds
        c.  Ignorance – you will always be limited in your knowledge

Are you stuck in a cycle of pride, cruelty and ignorance? Or do you have a friend who is humble, gracious, and true?
Are you listening to an Edomite or to Jesus Christ?

” Belief in Him Who Raises Unto Life “

February 17th, 2020

" Belief in Him Who Raises Unto Life "

John 11:25-27

February 16, 2020

Pastor Jerrard Heard

” Job’s Third Prayer: A Prayer for Hope “

February 11th, 2020

" Job's Third Prayer: 

A Prayer for Hope "

Job 13:20-14:22

February 9, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas


1.  Job’s Denied Requests 13:20-21
        a.  Leave me alone
        b.  Stop scaring me

2.  The Conversation Job Wants 13:22-28
        a.  What is my sin?
        b.  Why are you punishing me?

3.  Job’s Problem 14:1-22
        a.  Life is short and we are all guilty 1-6
        b.  We die and are gone forever 7-22

4.  Job’s Deepest Longing 14:13-17
        a.  A prayer to be hidden from God’s wrath
        b.  A prayer to be renewed after death
        c.  A prayer to have all his sins permanently covered

Do you see how Jesus is the answer to Job’s prayer?
Are you sins removed from you “as far as the east is from the west?” Psalm 103:12
Will you join Job in his prayer and have hope?

” The Hard work of Faith “

February 6th, 2020

" The Hard work of Faith "

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

February 2, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas


1.  What We Know About God
     a.  He is powerful
     b.  He is good
     c.  He makes all things “beautiful”
2.  What We Know About Life
     a.  “Eternity” has been set in our “hearts”
     b.  God has given the inner sense of how things ought to be forever!
3.  The Problem for Us: What Is God Doing?
     a.  His plan spans eternity
     b.  We cannot know everything
4.  Being About Our Business
     a.  LIVE in light of God’s blessed provisions
     b.  Fear God and serve him well
     c.  Trust that one day God will make these mysteries plain


  • Where do you struggle to see beauty in your biography?  In the stories of other people? 
  • Where is the business of living by faith most difficult for you?
  • Do you hear God calling you to trust him in whatever difficulties you are currently experiencing?
  • Do you see how Christ himself modelled this trust for us?


” The Supremacy of God “

January 27th, 2020

" The Supremacy of God "

Job 12:1-13:19

January 26, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas

All of the speakers in Job are agreed on the substance of Job 12:13 – “With God are wisdom and might; he has counsel and understanding.” But in Job’s longest speech, he insists that his friends qualify God’s supremacy.

1.  The supremacy of God must not be _________________ by __________________
         a.  Job’s complaint: I have wisdom too 12:1-3
         b.  Outcomes are not predictable 12:4-12
         c.  God is also a destroyer 12:13-25
                  i.  Job’s friends did not account for this
                 ii.  In his state, Job could think of nothing else.

2.  The supremacy of God must not be __________________ by _________________
        a.  Job’s complaint: You are liars 13:1-7
        b.  God will not be pleased with caricatures of himself               13:5-12
        c.  I will argue my case with God 13:13-19
                 i.  “Though he slay me, I will hope in him”
                ii.  “This will be my salvation, that the godless                         shall not come before him.”


Is your understanding of who God is and how he acts in our world big enough? Or have you settled for a watered-down, tamed version of God that you can “bring in your hand?”

Are there attributes of God that he has revealed or areas of your life that he has addressed that you ignore? Or in which you have a cultivated ignorance?

Do you have any hope of salvation when you face God?