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Sermons from Church in the Canyon, a PCA church in Calabasas, CA

” The Integrity of Job “

October 6th, 2019

" The Integrity of Job "

Job 2:1-10

October 6, 2019

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas

1.  A Persistent Enemy v.1-8

     a.  Job’s Suffering

             a.  It is continued

             b.  It is increased

     b.  Satan’s Psychology

             a.  He will not accept contrary evidence

             b.  He will imagine the worst of you: “Skin for skin!”

             c.  His great interest is to separate you from God


2.  A Final Indignity v.9

     a.  What do we know about Job’s wife?

     b.  The “bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh” truly failed him

             a.  She notes his integrity

             b.  Instructs him to ‘curse’ God

             c.  Instructs him to end his own life

     c.  She is rebuked for speaking foolishly

     d.  Job is now truly alone


3.  A Refusal to Sin v.10

     a.  Shunning evil means refusing to abide folly and mockery. See Psalm 1:1 

     b.  Job will accept both the good and the bad from God   See Lamentations 3:38; Isaiah 45:9;              2 Cor. 4:17



  • Will you persistently “shun evil” – especially when your suffering continues and deepens?
  • On whose behalf will you speak to those who suffer – will you speak for God or speak for Satan?
  • Do you experience your life – its celebrations and its tragedies, as something that God has ordained for you?