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” Broken but not Beaten! “

March 8th, 2020

" Broken but not Beaten! "

Job 17:1-16

March 8, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas


Because Job knows that his witness, advocate, intercessor,
and friend is in heaven, he will be faithful in suffering,
“hold to his way,” despite…

1.  Brokenness
        a.  His spirit is broken    1-2
        b.  His body is broken    7-8
        c.  His plans are broken   11
2.  Unanswered Prayer
        a.  For a sign of vindication 3
        b.  For the humbling of his critics 4
3.  Universal Rejection
        a.  “The Peoples” 6
        b.  “The Upright 8
4.  Continued Opposition
        a.  From persistent, foolish men 10
        b.  Who are wrong (Isaiah 5:20) 12
                i.  About Job’s suffering E,B,Z
               ii.  About Job’s options 11:13-20
              iii.  About Job’s hope 16:19; 19:25


Do you “hold to the way” when times are difficult –
confident that God is faithful despite what you are
feeling or experiencing during difficult times?

Do you have a hope beyond this life, beyond the
fiction of a quiet grave with an eternal sleep?

Do you know the Christ who has fulfilled Job’s
every desire?

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