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Sermons from Church in the Canyon, a PCA church in Calabasas, CA

” The Trials of Job: A Faithful Response to Personal Tragedy “

September 30th, 2019

" The Trials of Job: A Faithful Responce to Personal Tragedy "

Job 1:13-22

September 29, 2019

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas

    1.  A Tragic Day v.13-19

         a.  A day that should have been joyous

         b.  Attacked from all sides

         c.  Attacked by man and nature

         d.  Completely destroyed: “And I have escaped!  Only me! I alone to tell you!”

    2.  A Righteous Man v.20

         a.  He Arose – he stops what he is doing

         b.  He Tore – he responds with grief

         c.  He Shaved – he responds with grief

         d.  He Fell – he acknowledges his dependence

         e.  He Worshipped – he goes to God with his grief

    3.  A Faithful Confession v.21-22

         a.  All material, worldly things are temporary

         b.  Everything we have, we have because God has entrusted things to our temporary care

         c.  God is always to be praised Psalm 73:25


  • Do I acknowledge the tragedies in my life – the areas of loss and suffering?
  • Do I humbly grieve the effects of the Fall in my life?
  • Will I worship God even now?