Church in the Canyon

Sermons from Church in the Canyon, a PCA church in Calabasas, CA

” The Hard work of Faith “

February 6th, 2020

" The Hard work of Faith "

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

February 2, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas


1.  What We Know About God
     a.  He is powerful
     b.  He is good
     c.  He makes all things “beautiful”
2.  What We Know About Life
     a.  “Eternity” has been set in our “hearts”
     b.  God has given the inner sense of how things ought to be forever!
3.  The Problem for Us: What Is God Doing?
     a.  His plan spans eternity
     b.  We cannot know everything
4.  Being About Our Business
     a.  LIVE in light of God’s blessed provisions
     b.  Fear God and serve him well
     c.  Trust that one day God will make these mysteries plain


  • Where do you struggle to see beauty in your biography?  In the stories of other people? 
  • Where is the business of living by faith most difficult for you?
  • Do you hear God calling you to trust him in whatever difficulties you are currently experiencing?
  • Do you see how Christ himself modelled this trust for us?