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” Recognizing a Toxic Advisor “

March 15th, 2020

" Recognizing a Toxic Advisor "

Job 18:1-21

March 15, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas


Of all of Job’s friends, Bildad may be the most caustic in
his speech towards Job – and is perhaps more difficult to
appreciate than either Eliphaz or Zophar. Bildad’s speech
in Job 18 is very simple – a short introduction followed by
a single unit of text in which he doubles down on his
argument that Job is suffering, therefore Job has sinned. In
this response to Job, Bildad shows us a picture of toxic

1.  Their Attitude
       a.  They don’t want to listen
       b.  They take your disagreement personally
       c.  Their condescension

2.  Their Perspective
       a.  Focus is on self and their role in your life
       b.  Focus is on the visible/external

3.  Their Truth
       a.  Partly right!
       b.  Limited with respect to God’s character
       c.  Limited with respect to Your life


  • Do you recognize toxic advice when you offer it?  When you receive it? 
  • Do you respond in grace and with grace?
  • Let gospel themes dominate the advice you give and the counsel you receive.