Church in the Canyon

Sermons from Church in the Canyon, a PCA church in Calabasas, CA

” Job’s Lament “

October 20th, 2019

" Job's Lament "

Job 3:1-26

October 10, 2019

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas

1.   Three Dark Stanzas 

      a.  I wish I had never been born  v.1-10

      b.  I wish I had died at birth  v.11-19

      c.  I wish I could die right now  v.20-26


2.   Truths to Acknowledge

      a.  Christians sometimes suffer deeply

      b.  Christians sometimes become depressed

      c.  Christians sometimes have suicidal thoughts


3.   What Job did not understand

      a.  He did not understand what God is doing   Ecc. 3

      b.  He did not understand the value of life

      c.  He did not understand the life to come



  • Do you grieve without guilt when it is “time to weep?”
  • Do you have faith that God knows what he is doing in both he delights and the tragedies this world and life offer?
  • Do you understand the value of this life – and the next?