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Sermons from Church in the Canyon, a PCA church in Calabasas, CA

” Almost Right! “

January 19th, 2020

" Almost Right! "

Job 11:1-20

January 19, 2020

Pastor Bob Bjerkaas


1. Almost right about Job Job 11:2-6
        a. The dangers of deductive judgments!

            Inductive and Deductive reasoning both
             strive to construct a valid argument.
             Inductive reasoning moves from specific
             instances into a generalized conclusion.
             Deductive reasoning moves from
             generalized principles that are known to be
             true to a specific conclusion.

        b. Generalized principles:
               i. Suffering is always a punishment for a                                  particular sin.
              ii. Much talk = unavoidable sin Job 11:2b;                               Proverbs  10:19 and 17:27                                         c. Necessary conclusions:
              i. Job is suffering, therefore he sinned
             ii. Job is talking a lot, therefore he sinned
            iii. Job has even sinned more than his suffering                        suggests! 

        d. Doing violence to the data!
               i. Job never said “My doctrine is pure”
              ii. Job never said “I am clean”
        e. Mocking Job Job 11:12

2. Almost rights about God Job 11:7-12
        a. God does “exact less than our sins deserve” Ezra                 9:13

        b. God is indeed incomprehensible!
        c. God is indeed sovereign in justice!
        d. BUT Zophar does not know that God uses suffering                in the lives of his people for more than mere                        punishment! Job 1-2                 

3.Almost right about Job’s remedy Job 11:13-20
        a. True repentance is always a good thing.
        b. But the blessedness of your life with God will always           be an already/not yet experience until heaven.                                                                                               Application
1. Are there any people in your life that you must set free from your deductive judgments?
2. Zophar was limited by thinking exclusively in terms of this life. Are you living your life and thinking about your good and bad times in light of eternity?
3. Do you have hope in your suffering?
4. Are you almost right?